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Tony Woolf Acoustics is no longer taking on new work

In Spring 2013, after almost 50 years working in the fields of broadcasting, sound recording and acoustics, I am winding down my acoustic consultancy business.

Some people have told my that they've found useful information on my web site so I'm leaving some pages on line for now. If you're thinking of building a studio, you might like to look at the Project Guide pages.

My contact form will also remain "live" for now but don't bank on an instant reply!

If you're looking for a building acoustics consultant, I've worked with Sonic Element Ltd for many years and I recommend that you contact them.

Tony Woolf

Information and disinformation

Decibels made very easy, and some "information" to beware of!

For Building Regulations pre-completion testing

in London and the South East, we recommend Sonic Element Ltd.

How thick is the glass in your window?

Free download: glass thickness checker (works with non-laminated glass)